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May 17, 2013

Friday Randoms!

Holla ... it's Friday!

- THIS is the color of our master bedroom we bought this week. SO.Crazy.In.Love:

For the record, all the rest of the house is light greys and light beiges. I want a DARK master bedroom so I can pop some great bright colors.
It was inspired by THIS:

And while I'm not ready to buy the bedset in the picture for $469... I do plan on searching out anything remotely close to it in the same color.

- THIS is the color of our future door...
While Luis doesn't like the actual door (I'm workin on it..hello chevron?!).. we are excited to rangle up some new door handles that will match that beautiful gorgeous light blue!

- This week we discovered that our street is all about community. Umm..loves it!? Community is our middle name! I am now referred to as a "Hickory Nut" because we live on Hickory street. I mean... cute can this area get!?

- Movers are scheduled for next Friday morning. ?!*EEK*!?

- Goals for this weekend: all flooring done + drywall nailed... who is ready for some later nighters??

Get out and enjoy some sunshine this weekend! :)

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