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May 10, 2013

Friday Randoms...


- THIS week... we paid 2 dudes (and by dudes I mean Mexican... and by Mexican, I'm referring to my non racist side here because I'm married to a super cute one!) to clear out all the rest of the flooring in our house. Why anyone would cement floor boards to the cement slab? I have no idea. Either way- we decided it was worth our marriage to pay someone to remove it and focus our sweat-equity into PAINTING! Now that we're down to the cement slab we can start laying floor... hopefully in 2 weeks. Enter: lofty goal reference #1!

Yes that is paneling ON TOP of paneling...
and you thought I was kidding about 
settingWorld Records
- THIS weekend... we're planning on PAINTING. And by painting I mean...priming, sanding, painting, more priming, more painting, removing paneling ...more paneling...and more paneling. How much paneling can one house have? I'm pretty sure we're setting records here (see picture for proof). Can.Not.Wait. Hoping to really make this place LOOK like ours.

- THIS family... is trying something new in the realm of foooods. We are going to try (key word: try) to be vegetarian Monday-Friday. Being that family time is our #1 priority (when we aren't up to our elbows workin on that dang wonderful house of ours) we usually eat out, on the weekends. We can easily get in our meat fix on Sat. + Sun. so I'm not worried about any iron deficiencies. First impression: some of these recipes look kinda strange... Enter: lofty goal reference #2!

- THIS Memorial Day... my parents are coming to town. Bring on the projects! I know Memorial Day is only 2 weeks away but I'm wondering if we could possibly be moved in by then. Option 1 for a Project: Unpack! Option 2 for a Project: Get your stain on. Sand something and restain it (we have 4 laaarge pieces of furniture that are crying out for a new color). Option 3 for a Project: Retile both bathrooms. Get your tile on! This is of course IF we are moved in and don't have higher priorities- and of course of course- when they aren't playing with lil miss luci. Enter: lofty goal reference #3!

More house pictures to come. Hopefully...maybe...gasp! A completed room? Could it be?!?

Happy Friday everyone!

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