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May 30, 2013

DIY: How to have friends over when your house isn't finished...

Luis and I looove people. We are people persons. When we lived in a massive 2 bedroom apartment, we had a weekly grill out. Literally it was: BYOM. Bring your own meat! We provided the beverages and sides. With an average of 20 attendees, every week, our grill would be full with brats, chicken, steak, veggie burgers- it was wonderful!

Now that we have our own house, we want to invite people over STAT. Only issue is, over 1/2 of our house doesn't have flooring... and we have no couch... and our tv is sitting on a box in the living room. So here's some quick and easy steps to achieve your goal of spending time with friends- even when your house is a "work in progress"...

Step One: Welcome over GREAT and super chill friends who have no problems with a change of scenery. This step is critical to success. If your friends need structure- then wait to invite them to your house warming party when everything is in place. Also make sure said chill friends know what their getting into- we made sure they brought over lawn chairs and knew PJs were the acceptable attire of the evening :)

Step Two: Hook up a massive screen tv under an awning (in case of rain) to watch thee most important game of the week: game 7 of the series for the Blackhawks.

Step Three: Snacks are mandatory. Wine, cookies, pistachios, whatever- make sure you are well stocked.

Step Four: HAVE FUN!
We had a blasty blast with 2 of our close friends last night. And yes our hillbilly set up looked as amazing as THIS:

It was very...bonfire meets NHL :)

Here's to many more outside Hockey games!

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