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May 15, 2013

DIY: Ceiling Fans

So in all of our house changes- this project started out small and grew fast...

A few of the rooms have ceiling fans. As the previous owners didn't believe in cleaning..anything...this also applies to a quick dusting of the tops of ceiling fans. We've been kicking up a little dirt with all of our floor removings - but nothing as bad as this:

 All blades were so filthy I removed them, scrubbed and bleached them. You can see the difference in this shot (FYI: clean on the left, dirty on the right):
As I loooove me some color I found these pins for some inspiration:

What color would you add to your ceiling fan?


  1. We actually did a DIY fan decorating of our own for Tori's room. When she moved to a new room and Alex got her old room, we got a plain white fan and we bought Sesame Street wall decals. Jackie put those on the blades and some on the walls. So they match. And they can come off when she changes her mind and doesn't like Sesame Street anymore. They will be always able to change to match her room deco because they are the decals instead of paint.

    1. I love love looooove removable decals. Lord knows someday Luci won't want a "jungle theme"...but I'm hoping not until she's 20 :) Great idea Bobers!!

  2. Sure it would look boring after years of looking at the same-old ceiling fan, so adding a little color would be nice. Have you painted yours? I like the last one, but the pattern looks too complicated to paint, at least for me. You might also want to try covering them with paper instead of painting them. I just saw that kind of DIY and I have to say, it looks pretty nice. Staci @