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May 8, 2013

Awkward Shopping Moments...

Whoa!? Can you believe it is possible for me to NOT blog about my rehab project house?? It is! I'm actually working really hard on not overwhelming all 4 of you wonderful readers with too much house talk. So here we go...

Akward. Shopping. Moments:
I'm not talking about the moment when your kid lets out a big fart in the middle of the store then giggles. That has clearly never happened to me... or it happens all of the time. #awesomesauce While that's bad- I'm talking about that weird moment when your cart gets close to another cart with another kid who is the same (ish) age.

This happened to me on Sunday.

I hate shopping with a kid. Even with my darling perfect lil Luci. Or a husband for that matter. I like shopping alone. I'm focused- I have my eyes on the prize. Not so with a kiddo! Lucia LOVES to identify EVERYTHING she can ..loudly... and then inform me we must have it. Welcome: melt down city

Before the end of our journey she had snuck in 4 boxes of pop tarts. FOUR. Thankfully I caught it before I swipped my card. She's like swipper the fox on Dora... sneaky fox! And yes... I can only relate real life to Dora the Explorer now. Oye.

So back to the situation: a lady out of no where walks up with her son and is chatty Kathy. No big deal- I love people! I love talking to people... hanging out with people. Love me some people. But in the grocery store- it's every man for themselves. I had limited time and I just KNEW I was about to forget something vital to the rest of my week. 

Don't think I was mean. I was nice. I was down right polite. We casually talked for about 30 seconds - exchanged our kids ages. She was absolutely giddy over Luci. Cooing to her son "Look at the baby"! No big deal. We exchange smiles and walk on. 

I practically RUN down the isles, throwing in random needs for our week - praying I dont collide with another cart or end up hitting my kid in the head with the toilet paper. Luci is getting louder and louder every 2 steps I take. By the time we are at the cash register- she is the equivalent of a police SIREN. So. Loud.

The lady from prior has rounded the corner and is now positioning her cart next to mine so her kiddo can interact with MY kiddo. Again- we're cool! The kids aren't hitting each other... the world is just where it needs to be. She then casually throws out: "My husband thinks it was rude of me to call your kid a baby". I literally didn't even realize this happened. Again. HAWK like focus. 

I laugh and say- Oh of course not! She immediately says: I didn't think so! And now we have formed an alliance against all husband's and their thoughts.

Does this ever happen to you? Not the screaming toddler shopping- although it is so fun and highly recommended. But women taking things waaaay out of context? Or in this case- a husband fueling the fire?

I sometimes feel like wearing a shirt that says "I'm a Mom- I don't have time to judge you"...

Hoping your Wednesday is delightful and DRAMA free.. if possible :)


  1. Never happens to me. I let Tori do all the talking. As we all know, I don't like people so I avoid them at all costs.

    1. HA! I can just SEE Tori fully updating any toddler + mom combo on her recent activities :)