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April 23, 2013

Working on a Budget...

With all of our house updates - we are up to our eyes in wanting SO many things RIGHT NOW for our house.

"They" (whoever they are) say to spend 6 months to a year before changing things in your house. If our house was move in ready, I would definitely follow that rule. Unfortunately, we have (as in I wouldn't even let a dog live in this place) to remove all the carpet + add in new flooring. With that, brings changes we know we would want eventually anyways. Thank you 5 years of marriage and learning what you like as a couple!

With all of this wanting,  it would be SO nice to just charge it all and figure it out later. But that's not a good use of our money (Dave Ramsey would be so proud) - and who wants an extra payment every month? Not this lady!

So we are budgeting and separating our "wants" vs. "needs".

We NEED: a fridge, a washer + dryer, couch and a lawn mower.

We WANT: all brand new and matching stainless steel appliances, leather matching couch and a riding lawn mower for our yard.
*Yes we are totally aware our wants our outrageous. But then again ya gotta dream!

With all of our looking, we actually found a BEAUTIFUL leather couch set this weekend at Ashley Furniture.  It came with gorgeous matching side tables + a main coffee table. Crazy functional coffee table- as in the lid LIFTED up so you could put your drinks/food on it.

The side tables had a power strip in each one. It's like it KNEW us and our obsesssion love of internet surfing while watching tv. And it was 70% off!? Unheard of! Unfortunately, it was $700 over our budget- NOT including a delivery fee. While the salesman we were working with was fantastic, we had to walk away!

It absolutely broke my heart not to be able to say YES to a 70% discount on a beautiful set of furniture, but while I could definitely see us working around a $400 difference, I just couldn't do $700. And frankly, it was a weight off my chest when we walked out. I'm still elated knowing we didn't jump into decision and even Luis admitted later on it was best for us to stay within our budget. Whew!

How about you? Any big buying in appliances/furniture for you lately?

Hoping we make it to our closing date: 3 more days! Our lenders have us on the edge of our seats- nothing like waiting until the last minute. More updates to come!


  1. Good luck! It can be so hard to make responsible choices when making big purchases. We aren't buying any new appliances/furniture (even though there are things that we want!) But we are going to reside a part of the front of our house. It is wood, and we have had wood peckers since we moved in, and we are ready for a change! Once they leave in the middle of summer, we will go over the wood with vynal.

    1. NICE fix! And wow will that probably be quieter for you as well! :)