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April 4, 2013

When the chips are down...

What a crazy crazy week.

If you've ever bought a house, you know the hell I'm experiencing- unless of course you bought your house without a lender. All of the money is being counted and recounted.

Due to a "computer glitch" and coincidentally our previous apartment not following their normal processes, we ended up needed to pay for an extra month of rent we weren't expecting. Talk about incredibly embarrassing and insanely frustrating. We went from thinking we were good to go- to scrambling... big time.

Here's something I've been forced to remember...sometimes hourly - when everything is against you count your blessings. Or in the words of Dori from Finding Nemo...

So here they are (the short list)...

- HEALTH: we are finally getting rid of this horrific virus. Last night Lucia slept SANS any medications (or as she lovingly calls it "No Elephant?" as we use Ava to administer any meds).

- LOVE: I just look at my super cute cuddly daughter and know that even though we are more stressed than we've ever been- this is the right choice in the long run. It is WORTH the pain we're dealing with now.

- FAMILY: We have such an amazing family. They have supported us through out all of this. There is no way we could have done any of this sans them!

- CAREERS: We're in this spot of being able to find a house because of our jobs. While we might not LOVE going to them every day- it is where we are suppose to be for now and what is helping us get said house. Thank you Jesus for being in careers where we feel stable.
- CHOCOLATE & COFFEE: let's be honest... those two items are what is going to get me through all of this. So thankful there is a drive thru starbucks- even if it did take 20 min. to get my Americano... it was worth it!

- RETAIL THERAPY: same as the last one... even if it's just having 2 minutes with a cranky toddler- it's so nice to have a break from thinking of all the craziness.

Like I said- the SHORT list. For some reason, Satan seems to have a pretty stick up his tookis about us buying this house. But frankly- he can just SHOOSH because it's happening. 

Here is hoping all of these problems are all for thee most pain-free and reeelaxing closing date that has ever been! :)

Happy Thursday, lovies!!

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