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April 29, 2013

Weekend Update!

This weekend was amazing.
We visited MOST of our favorite places - can't go wrong when you know you are in for greatness!

We did everything we could by 5 pm on Friday to not discuss or think about our house. So here's the recap..

Friday night was DATE night. It's been only about 6 months since our last date night - 6!?!
To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, we drove over to Evanston, IL (one of our favorite towns) and enjoyed dinner at Flat Top grille. From there went to grab a single scoop from our favorite gelato place- Frost.

Small tables = flowers are
friends with sippy cups
Luci woke up at 6 am. She didn't get the memo that Mommy and Daddy were out late last night. We showered and were at our favorite breakfast spot in the city - Toast! This place is tiny- like... less than 40 people can be in this restaurant at once, tiny. So the wait is usually 30-an hour. With all 2.5 of us being very hungry we were a lil nervous but knew there was a starbucks within walking distance if necessary. No need though- we were sat right away! Oh the joys of being fully ready for your day... at 8 am *grumble*.

Best moment of the day is seeing this lil face absolutely smeared with smores pancakes...
That FACE! :)
She couldn't BELIEVE we allowed her to have "chawclate!"

From there we bee lined to the Lincoln Park Zoo and found street parking. We have never found street parking- then again.. it was 9:30 AM- most of Chicago hasn't even pressed the start button on their coffee maker by this time on a Saturday. It worked perfectly for us- we were done with our zoo visit by 11:30 and back to our house by noon before the zoo got crazy busy.

The weather was beautiful. We couldn't ask for a better day. Luci slept in an extra 2 hours for all the sunshine, walking and fresh air she got in one day. Kids + fresh air is the best combination. I think it even beats diet coke and chawclate chocolate.

Hello gorgeous blooming tree! Yay spring!

Here's hoping we close tomorrow. But honestly, if it doesn't happen- it's not suppose to. I will definitely keep all 4 of you posted :)

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