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April 22, 2013

Weekend Update!

With this being the last weekend of sanity being out of our house, we wanted to start buying our supplies, but also enjoy family/the sun.

FOUR more days until we close!

We were so fortunate to not be hit with the massive flooding for so many that happened over this weekend. While it did take 30 extra minutes to get to Luis's Dad's house, we were thankful his 3 subpumps were working strong aka no required gloushas for us to visit. Weirdest moment of the weekend: seeing The Weather Channel is broadcasting from less than a mile from where you are:

After spending sometime with Lucia's Abuela, we went to a LazyBoy store closing. Unfortunately, we were a week too late. The store only had about 10 love seats to their name and nothing was matching. We also checked out Best Buy and Ashley Furniture but nothing to write home about.

House purchasing update: we have most of our paint purchased. Only 1 more gallon to go! Yay!

Sunday we enjoyed having lunch, after church, with 2.5 of our best friends and the perfect ending to our weekend: a trip to the park!?

Lucia has decided the TALLEST slide (with multiple curves) available to her is the one she wants to go down. Alone. Enter: momma bear instincts.
But her giggles echoing everywhere was enough to keep down my fears. All that fresh air wore her out- she was ready for bed 30 min. earlier than normal. Proving more than before:  Luci + back yard = perfection.

How was your weekend? Anything fun and exciting?

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