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April 17, 2013

The Beautiful Shade of Oops Paint

This weekend Luis, Luci and I went to Menards and Home Depot - and even Best Buy- just to see what was out there/gather inspiration/look at some prices to know the averages, ETC.

Luci was in her normal- "i wanna walk" mood where no cart could contain her.

In our adventures- I'm always on the look out for a great deal but within reason. I don't want to waste money just because it's on sale...right? So while at Menards I beelined to the "oops paint" section. Luis was 2 isles over before he realized I had found it- he called me a blood hound for sales. Which is MAYBE the sweetest thing he could ever call me :) A few canisters were there. After inspecting them all- yes I passed on bright purple- one was a fun beige color. It's a mix between grey and beige- I even had to put it in the light to really check it.

I walked away because while a gallon of "oops" paint is $5, I thought I was just wanting the sale instead of the color. Until I rounded the corner and saw the same paint, not oops'd yet not colored, was $20 because it included primer. Yowza. Unfortunately Luci was at her worst, even with the promise of ice cream she wouldn't calm down, so we left.

  But I couldn't stop dreaming thinking about that paint!!

The next day I grabbed Luci from daycare, we beelined to the same Menards and low and behold they still had it! And due to a cashier error- that gallon of paint was $1!? Because of my always getting into trouble toddler- I didnt even notice until we were out the door.

Can you believe it? A whole gallon of really good primer paint for only $1. So now that the "family room" color is choosen- just a few more gallons to go!
Yay! $1 Paint!

The best part of Oops paint is - it's just paint! If I REALLY hate it after a few months, I can repaint. Especially with my investment adding to an entire dollar... I think I could set that up for a loss.

Any fun finds for you? Have you scoped out your local Oops Paint section?

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