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April 12, 2013

Rack Stalkers

Have you ever dealt with this before?

You finally get 5 minutes to yourself to do what you do best: SHOP!

If you are anything like me you focus on those glorious clearance racks. There's nothing like knowing you are getting a STEAL of a deal.

Recently I came into a lil run in. I had been given my allotted: 5 toddler free minutes. I took it and raaaaan. Literally I ran.  There is something sacred about free time that you just can't pass up...

I got situated QUICKLY - I'm like a hawk. I know the colored tab at the top of the hanger that I'm looking for. This time I was in Carter's looking for 2T for Luci when 2 women started rack stalking. This is very very different from what guy's probably do what that phrase.

I can only assume this was a new mom shopping with a newly made gramma. They were moving slow- so I didn't think they'd be a problem. Out of no where- they were on the same rack I was looking through. They were seconds behind. I mean seriously- they were literally 2 hangers away.

It's legit to want to be in the same area of other people. I have no problems with that. But then don't bump me! That's right, I was bumped - multiple times!

I would move on, they would move right behind me. This happened 3 times. Aint no body got time for that!

I grabbed my 3 items and peaced OUT of there. Not a moment too soon, I had barely swipped my card for payment when Luci bounded in.

Am I alone in this? Have you ever dealt with Rack Stalkers??

I feel like there should be a support group for things like this...

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