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April 26, 2013

Postponed Close

With our closing moved to next Tuesday, we are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and defeated.

This is the only thing that I should be worried about - more of face holding hugs

While I wish I could brush it off and keep going- this latest round of "life" has hit below the belt and well frankly... we're going to need a few minutes before walking it off.

With all the hell we've been through with the house, not to mention the crazy hell the WORLD has been through lately. We all just need to reset our buttons. We need a reboot. To be reminded that life sucks but there is beauty everywhere.

So Saturday is Family Day. We are unplugging and getting OUTSIDE.

Disneyworld is a bit far so we're going to the ZOO!

I'm hoping to return to you on Monday with happy thoughts + pictures to prove it :)

Happy Weekending Everyone!

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