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April 15, 2013

Poppin Tags: Home Renovating Addition

This weekend, we road tripped (a whopping 20 min. commute but we had some jamin tunes (yeah 90's!?) ready for a long haul!) up to Gurnee, IL to check out Restore. This is a brilliant Habitat For Humanity initative where builders can donate items that are being removed from projects or leftovers. 
Think: Goodwill meets Home Depot!

Talk about educational. While we don't have specific measurements for our house yet - it really helped fuel our ideas. We ended up finding 2 stacks of tile we really liked- and for $3/stack we figured we could splurge and find a home for it eventually!

The real finds came when we ventured next door to maybe the largest Salvation Army I've ever been to- people we're talking WAREHOUSE big. And while my squirmy toddler didn't allow for a full dive in, we walked away with these two precious gems:

Stole this from Young House Love as Target
isn't featuring this lil beaut anymore

GORGEOUS firescreen
 So for $3 I found a Nate Berkus sea urchin. And for $15 (retails at $60 bones) we obtained that absolutely gorgeous fireplace screen also from Target- in the box- never been opened aka JACKPOT!

You might be asking- but do you have a fireplace?
And the answer is: not yet?!

The house we will be closing on in 15 days does have all the piping for a fireplace as it currently has a kettle "stove" in the family room. After we are done adding new floors + paint + redoing the kitchen cabinets (yeah... I'm tired just TYPING that), we are planning to remove the stove and add in a fireplace. With our family, we know the stove is way too easily accessible to curious lil fingers or God forbid Luci falls onto it and really harms herself.

So I would say we made out like BANDITS. Let the thrifting/bargain hunting begin!

Any fun thrifting for you??

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