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April 25, 2013

Nail Bitting Close

We are only 2 lil days away from closing on our house.

I'm sure if you've read this blog in the past week-two weeks you are not only aware but maybe a lil sick of hearing about it all but... 2!? more days!?!

Something I've learned- THE HARDWAY - is:

We ended up going with a recommendation from a friend and I can't state this enough: we have no problems with the original man we met with. Unfortunately, he has come into some health problems so we've been working with the man underneath him- who has had horrific communication skills and was even yelled at me once. Yeah, because I'm not under enough pressure??

With us getting a great deal on this house (short sale) also meant the sellers are getting NOTHING. This of course has lead to them digging in their heels all along the way. I wish I could send them a basket of cookies with a note saying: "Just let it go"
lol... that probably wouldn't work so well.
Good thing I don't have their address... #stalker  #mmmcookies

Everything has come down to ONE DAY. Seriously. Since we put an offer on this house the first week of: JANUARY, we are now up against 1 day. If all I's aren't dotted and T's crossed, we could be waiting until next week to close on our house. And if anyone misses THAT deadline- we won't get the house at all.

No pressure, right?!

Thankfully, I have a great husband who has been SO calm through out all of this while I'm ready to start taking up smoking. We make a good team... hopefully a non carcinogen inhaling team... but we'll see. Not making any promises.

I'll keep you updated but here's hoping you get 1 blog update on Friday  - or saturday if we are too busy screaming and jumping up and down to take pictures- and that's a picture of US with KEYS in front of OUR new house.

Happy Thursday!

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