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April 11, 2013

Let's get dirty...

Of course by dirty- I'm referring to the discussion of what FLOORING to pick for our casa... I mean... what did you think we were talking about here?

BTW- 19 days until we close on our house...but who's counting?
THIS GIRL, that's who! 


I always heard wives talk about how sexy it was when their husband took out the trash- I never understood that- still don't. But I'm seeing Luis in a whole new light when he starts discussing laminate vs. carpet flooring. Weird right? I know, just add it to my list.

We are hot and heavy into flooring discussions so let's just jump right in...

  • Cheap! (averagely speaking)
  • Durable!
  • Looks like wood...if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck...
  • Easy to clean (Swifer to the rescue!)
  • Hubbie could install on his own with the help of a buddy
  • Lifetime isn't as long as hardwood*
  • Cleaning might need to happen more frequently- doesn't "hide" spills as well as others

  • Comfy
  • $ - averagely speaking more pricey than laminate
  • Wears out easily- especially with a baby
  • Hubs would bow out of this one and we'd need to pay for installation
  • Spills happen...and a lot with said baby. Cleaning would be a beast!
*Ps. Hardwood is out of this convo because it's not really realistic for our budget and what we're hoping to achieve. Plus we've heard it's not as durable as laminate- and durable we need!

How fun is it that I'm looking at grown up things like flooring! I feel old ... but in a fun way!
Clearly from this list, LAMINATE is the winner. But am I missing anything?? Suggestions?


  1. Well I have laminate wood in my kitchen/dinning room, both bathrooms and the laundry room...I have carpet through out the rest... I don't allow drinks into carpeted areas so no need to worry about spills and I move my furniture to prevent wear spots. So I would suggest both. I wouldn't be able to handle laminate through the entire house because its so cold to walk on in the cold months...

    1. Great suggestion. Glad to know laminate works well. We were thinking of maybe rugs in bedrooms to solve the coldness??

    2. Rugs work well...I just prefer carpet under my feet lol

  2. I would say go laminate! However, I must admit I very strong dislike carpet. The little unseen things that like to settle in carpet and my allergies to not get along.
    Laminate is versatile and doesn’t go out of style or get nasty like carpet can.
    David’s dad puts laminate in his rental properties and its great. Looks beautiful, easy to clean, AND reasonably priced!
    PLUS if you want to warm up a room you can throw down an area rug or something.
    Can you tell what my vote is!?

    -Dana Crabtree

    1. SOLD! I LOVE it! And by it I'm referring to the vote and the voter :)
      THANKS lady!!