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April 19, 2013

House Update: Flooring PURCHASED!

I literally woke up this morning *GIDDY* because our amazing find on flooring last night.
Who does that? ME!
Don't worry: I am well aware how so very weird I am to be THIS elated about floors... but on to the saaaale!

As you know- I'm a savings HUNTER - let no Menards be left behind! That's not really my motto...but it might be moving forward.

We originally thought we were going to go with Lumber Liquidators. They are having their biggest sale of the YEAR this weekend. I mean, you can't talk like that and not expect me to get goosebumps. As you know from this post- we figured laminate was really the only option for us + the durability we needed.

Then we found out we know a guy who knows a guy. That "guy" (how shady does THAT sound?) would sell us flooring off the back of his truck at cost. Crazy amazing right? Only problem- he has super high quality stuff. Odd to say high quality and problem in the same sentence. But the cheapest he could do was $0.89/sq ft - at cost. Our budget showed we had to be under $1.30/sq foot, so while $.89 would work, the selection was nothing we were crazy about. BUT we were willing to bipass floor coloring for a higher quality. Until...

We stopped by Floor & Decor's Grand Opening in Arlington Heights yesterday. We had even previously decided: unless there was something that would BLOW us away... we would stick with our "guy".

First clue something big was up: there was not ONE person who left without loading up their car with supplies or at minimum a gigantic bag.

We walk in and feast our eyes on this beauty:
Oak Night Time now is ours!
75 cents/sq foot!? And for hardwood! We were beside ourselves. And when this family gets excited, we get funny. I literally had the clerk helping us laughing OUT loud. We were getting straight up inappropriate with this crazy amazingly cheap find. It's not our fault- you gotta FEEL the different types of flooring... some got more love than others..

1430 sq ft. later (our house is 1300 + you add 10% for any bad pieces, cutting etc) - we have our flooring! We were so excited about it that we even bought 110 sq ft. of porcelain tile too for our future flooring in our bathroom. I mean, at 39 cents/sq foot, we just had to!
Glacier Bay sounds lovely this time of year
*Word to the wise: even with all the crazy sales happening at F&D, we were pushed to buy our grout & spacers for the tiling right then. Not pushed like dirty car salesman- they were just covering their bases. Key question I kept asking "is this part of the big sale?" And the answer was no: grout & spacers weren't on sale.

Plus, we were not researched at all in tile (our focus has been laminate and hardwood only up until now) so we didn't really know if the price was amazing or not. Just make sure when you are in the midst of sale insanity to keep your cool and know your prices. With our tiling being a "phase 2" project- we have time to wait out a good deal.

So there ya have it- flooring obtained!

Next project: buying the rest of our paint. Can.Not.Wait.

Happy weekending everyone!

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