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April 24, 2013

Finally: GREEN!

And I'm not talking about green with envy.

Finally finally finally we are getting GREEN. I've been reading blogs that are in warmer climates (I'm not sure why I do this it seems like a form of torture) so I KNEW that somewhere out there, the weather was letting go of winter.

Last week it snowed. I'm not even kidding. And not like a light dusting- I saw cars fully covered in snow. How does that happen at the end of April? Fortunately, that was a small random act of "guess who is in control". I wonder if God is just CRACKING UP watching all of us with our horrified looks.

Something like...

It has been raining a few days now.  The grass has returned and the trees are starting to blossom. I can't believe it's finally happening- spring is finally here!

So for some inspiration I give you... green:

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