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April 16, 2013


If you are anything like me you have been glued to the tv trying to find out the answer to: why?
Why would anyone want to hurt innocent people? Children?

If you are anything like me- your blood absolutely boils, your stomach churns with the thought of one of those victims being an 8 year old little boy who just wanted to see his dad cross the finish line. How absolutely horrific.

I was in Boston just last year, the first week of May, to celebrate my 4 year anniversary with Luis. We walked those streets and like most- fell in love with the cuteness of the city.

We are praying for Boston. And in the mean time, like with every tragedy we've had to live through, we smother Luci with hugs and kisses until she squirms away..then we scoop her up and do it again.

Take this as a reminder: to love!

We need to love on others, that's the only way to overcome this.

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