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April 2, 2013

Back at it!

Despite some intense sickness in my family (Luci + husband + me all have been fighting a mean bug for quite a while), Easter was a success!

Our first attempt at attending an official Easter Egg Hunt resulted in zero eggs. We were misdirected to the wrong "section" for toddlers and Luci had no plastic eggy goodness to show for it. Some of those kids can be so mean!
Rockstar Egg Hunter
Want something done right? Do it yourself! Within hours, we had plastic eggs packed and ready to go. With Luci's only competition being her 2 older but very nice cousins, she made out like a bandit! We even had a petting zoo to boot! Luci's first reaction to petting a duck: "Oh that's very nice!" So overall- very successful easter egg hunting.

Even with having lost my voice for 3 days- I was able to meet up with good friends.

Here are some random take aways...

- Learned even if you have no taste or smell- you STILL crave candy on Easter Sunday...and still eat it.

- Learned I loooove unsweetened iced tea. Who knew this sugar obsessee could take down a McD's large tea given the chance.

- Love all the spring colors emerging even though the temperatures haven't...

- Met one of my blog readers! Shout out to Cheri! And here I only thought my mom read my blog :)
- Forget your curling iron on your latest trip? Sock bun to the rescue! Which is why my hair is the same in all my Easter pictures.. from 2 different days...

- We are full steam ahead with the house. Thank you EVERYONE for sending your love and congrats my way. We are knee deep in discussing as much as we can so our Closing Date goes smoothly. Here's hoping! Now on to learn about laminate flooring :) Yay!

I hope your Easter was WONDERFUL and filled with 
love, family, food, and festivities

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