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March 13, 2013

Treadmill- OUT!

With all of this MOVING about to happen... we are downsizing.

And by downsizing I mean we've sent 3 LARGE trashbags to never never land and that is before the major packing.

There's something about seeing the large items in your house, realizing that these large items are actually going to cost you money and make you question their worth.

That being said- welcome to our large treadmill:

This was purchased less than a year ago for $200 but it was time to go. While we've gotten a lil bit of use out of it, it was not enough to make the cut. There is something about the mentality of GOING to an actual gym that makes you commit to a long workout vs. a 20 min jog once a week and calling it a day.

So I Craigslisted that beast for $150 and it was SOLD in less than 24 hours for $125.

Best Craigslist Tip I can give:
ALWAYS price your item slightly higher. My goal was to sell it for $100 but fortunately that treadmill was a hot commodity (over 20 emails of people interested) and I was able to sell it for $125.

Had I listed it at $100, it would have sold for $75-$50. There is something about Clist that makes people need to negotiate. No big deal- I love to barter! But definitely keep that in mind when listing.

Oh Happy Day- that treadmill is G-GONE! Lucia now believes the hole in our living room where the treadmill was is now her dance party area :) #adorbs

What are you pitching/selling lately??

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