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March 7, 2013


Who knew my obsession with keeping things in my life neat and tidy would spill over into my crazy pinterest boards?!

But it did.

I ended up randomly clicking on someone's boards and they all looked so neat. and pretty. and I wanted that. So I did some rearranging. And some- gasp- deleting!?

There are so many "impulse" clicks that you say- yup absolutely, I want that NOW. But then after the drink wears off your thinking..mmm not so much.

So I did this...

And frankly, I'm pretty stoked about it. Something as simple as adding a period behind every uncapitalized word just makes me feel more calm.

I added a "haaaair" category after scanning my "style" board and seeing there was a reoccuring theme. Also finally I have a jewelry board to scope out some fun cute new things from etsy. This also helps me to SCREAM to my husband hints for birthdays or just because moments :) hint...hint hint...HINT!? :)

Happy Pinning everyone!

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