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March 26, 2013

My Big Fat Weekend Update!

Get it? Like My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Anyone? This is as good as your going to get, people!


The hubs and I took off of work so we could finish all of our packing (sans kiddo thanks to Daycare). By Friday afternoon we had almost all of our sanity 2 bedroom apartment packed up.

3:30 PM my goal was to hit up my fav. Caribou coffee for some java + maybe finish reading my book before picking up Luci Loo. I was 5 minutes away from reeeelaxing when I got a call from her daycare: Luci has pink eye.
Enter: panic mode/what the poop is pink eye and how do we get rid of it/Aint Nobody Got Time For That/doctors call/looks like we're going to CVS! After a short 30 min. wait, we got our check up and started the kiddo on the eye drops. She was "not contagious" within 24 hours.

By 5 pm, we were noshing on Maggiano's carry out.

6:00 AM- take Sister to airport.
7:15 AM pick up Sister in Law and meet rest of family at Breakfast.
8:00 AM MMmmm Gus's Diner Breakfast!

By Noon we had the rest of our crap belongings packed up and ready to go. After some Domino's pizza- oh this weekend was a PLETHORA of healthy foods- we were feeling good about the day.
By 4 pm all of our items were packed and moved to a storage unit. Along with the Pink Eye Medicine- no joke.
Enter: panic mode/I'm the worst mother ever/how is my child not my #1 priority/is there a black market for pink eye medicine b/c I do NOT want to go back to CVS.

End of the evening we crashed - and so did our lil kiddo. She went into spiked fever mode. Even with medicine- she was up every few hours coughing like she's been smoking for 10 years :( (just in case you were concerned: I promise my 2 year old does not smoke

Church! Somehow dragged ourselves to church. After we went back to our apartment and finished cleaning. Luci woke up from her nap after 20 minutes with a fever again so we trudged back to CVS.
By 3 PM- we found the drops, confirmed she didn't have the flu or croup (which she has had before) and had wrapped up our apartment.
Sunday night: CRASHED. MOST of our items were unpacked.

We thought we were all fine. Hubs came home early from his work. I made it until 3:30 pm, Luci made it until 4 pm at her new daycare before we all hit a wall. I had a migraine, Luci couldn't sleep with her bad cough. Monday night Luci slept from 4pm until 6:45 AM on Tuesday. That kiddo was soo tired! She refused any medicine - I finally got some honey in her to coat her throat. She slept like a rock. Woke up with only an average cough and no fever, no pink eye goop, finally she's at the end of this sickness.

Daycare update: Luci did great on her first day. I lasted about 10 min. after dropping her off before balling. She has already made new friends and fit right in! Daycare lady said she has never seen a more perfect transition! And even with being sick - go figure! Go Luci!

So that was my Big Fat crazy long weekend. Somehow we made it through- barely! I knew it was going to be a hard weekend- I had no idea that hard weekend would include pink eye, and one very sick toddler.

Now we're in to our "temporary" housing - helloooo more than local cable!? You can find me glued to HGTV until we close on April 30 :)

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