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March 11, 2013

Mooooooving (the official word)

Okay so many folks have asked and I just want the world to know once and for all:

El Banco has not yet accepted our offer for the short sale we are trying to buy.

Because our lease is up soon (end of March), we are relocating- temporarily- to my bro in law's (BIL) large large casa to avoid paying about $2k/month for a month-to-month lease.
There are big upsides - other than getting to save a LARGE portion of that $2k: we get our own wing (yes WING- it's a big house!) including our own bathroom (Luci get's her own room too). Because BIL is a restauranteer his schedule is exact opposite of ours. So we will most likely only see him on the weekends. AND it's only for 2-3 months. 

That being said we are in full swing of moving- i.e. finding a storage unit, relocating Luci's daycare (to be closer to our future short sale home), packing packing and - yup more packing! All while trying to not flip out. Anxiety medication is just a glass of water away but so far we're doing well.

Oh and it's the husband's bday on Saturday- so we're trying to get most of our "to do's" done around that so for 1 day we aren't thinking of moving- we're celebrating his bday!

In the mean time I'm thinking of buying this (retail therapy style) to cope with all the changes in my life- have I mentioned I haaaaate change?:

So pretty!

Any crazy moving stories? Or moving tips I should know that I haven't already searched for on pinterest ;)

Happy Monday everyone!

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