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March 4, 2013

Monday Randoms...because I can

Aaaah MONDAYS are the worst so I could only make it better via some randoms...

- Trip to Indy was great! Fantastic to spend time with my parentals. One thing is for certain- I am not called to live in Indianapolis. I feel like anyone who has ever referred to this city as cute was playing a cruel joke. There's seeing the economy fail via the unemployment rates- and then there is seeing cities that used to have  a middle class. Lots of slums. Regardless - we enjoyed the World's Largest Children's Museum!! And a wonderful meal at The Gray Brother's Kitchen. Highly recommend the strawberry pie mmm...

- Two Offers are better than one: future post coming soon.

- A winter storm is looming towards me. I'm not impressed. It's March... ummm did the weather not hear it's suppose to be spring like now? Lame sauce. Hoping this forces me to paint my toe nails... they are in desperate need of some attention. Maybe snuggle in and watch some movies??

- Sore throat has taken over. It was just a small lil scratchyness and is now full blown sore. :( Bring on the tea, peeing every 5 minutes, and laaaaziness...

- With this crappy weather my motivation has been ZERO. Last week I got in my 8 miles- baaarely. And already I'm wondering how to post pone my running schedule. Eek! Hoping my butt gets kicked in gear sooner rather than later. Toying around with minimizing my mileage to: 6-7 miles a week and then do some Jillian Michael's DVDs?? You would think just a 1-2 mile gap wouldn't make a difference but I'm nervous it might? We'll see!

- Hoping this week is calm. I'm ready for calm. For some reason, ever since the beginning of the year- it's been busy busy busy. Then again I always do better when constantly running. So again... keeping with the theme: we'll see!

Have a great week lovies!

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