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March 28, 2013

Getting Political...

Talk about a great week to show your true colors- the good, the bad and the ugly have definitely come out this week in support- or against- gay marriage.

I think you would need to be living under a rock to not see the red and pink equal sign on people's pages.

Here's my deal...

I have gay friends - I love them and crazily enough: I'm a Christian!

Is the Bible blatanly against gay relationships? Sure is.
Am I going to change someone by screaming at them? Sure am not.

So here's my idea...

Make Unions Legal. Give Unions RIGHTS - allow 2 people within a union to see the other in the hospital and share benefits. Even allow them *gasp* combined taxes.

Everyone is freaking out over the word: marriage. Don't say marriage. Say union.

Then everyone's happy right?

Well probably not. But I think this would help lessen the intensity of anger happening with people choosing sides.

Let me know your thoughts. I promise you- I am open ears. I love people. Period. I really really do. And I can't stand all this back and forth mud slinging. It does no one good!

So- get out there and LOVE someone TODAY! Seriously...go right now...


  1. Only problem is that it doesn't matter what it says in the Bible as that violates separation of church and state. That is MY personal biggest problem with all of the rhetoric is that forcing religious beliefs on everyone is against what this country was founded on to begin with.

  2. I agree - this is probably one of the best ways to say it that I've seen. I've really struggled with putting my thoughts on this to words and you did it magnificently :)

  3. I totally agree with you, Becca!

  4. Thanks for the support Shanielle & Katie :)

    Bobers- I totally here you. I just know there's never going to be an answer that makes ALL parties happy. But maybe this is an idea that might make everyone the least mad...? :)