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March 8, 2013

Friday Randoms...

Thank the LORD it's Friday...

- Having a weird week. Had one (multiple) of those moments where I wanted to move...somewhere/anywhere. Still on that track - but I think it's mostly because I am hate hate hating this short sale process. It really is the devil. If I make it through I'm going to splurge on ... eating 3 large very chocolatey cakes. Not really. Because nothing is really big enough to splurge on as a "good job" for this horrid horrid horrid process. Do you get that I hate it? Doesn't help it's also been stupid weather- 9 inches in March... I mean come on! Hoping to soak up the SUNSHINE supposedly coming this weekend...

- Luci's been going through a "phase" where she wants to be near her daddy 24/7 -and not only am I considered chopped liver, but a lil rude that I'm trying to substitute HIM for chopped liver (i.e. me). It's been pretty frustrating. :/

- Hoping to get some shopping in this weekend- there's nothing like some good ole fashion retail therapy to get you out of these winter blues. Nothing a lil H&M/Target/F21 can't fix!

- SUNSHINE is out - so things HAVE to be turning to spring. Sorry for the all caps wording but it just has to be happening...right?

- Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead! Boo for loosing 1 one hour of sleep! Oh wait I have a 2 year old... I'm used to not sleeping :(

- Happy Friday everyone! Go love something today!

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