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March 14, 2013

Cute SHOES!?

Like I said- RETAIL THERAPY people!

I was expecting temps to be CLIMBING. Sorry for the all caps but seriously it's Mid March. Let's get our SPRING on. But no- forecast shows flurries!? I'm sorry...but more than 1 ... multiple flurryness happening? NOT ok.

So I solved it with this cute lil number...

Full disclosure- you know I can't handle paying full price for...well...anything. So while the price SAYS $19, I had a $5 coupon - gotta have them coups baby! + DSW was running a Free Shipping special (with no minimums). I'm in marketing- I ALWAYS think there's a trick. But no trick! I got to stack the coupon w/ the free shipping and landed me $15 cute wedges.

Now summer needs to hurry up and get here like yesterday.

I've been looking for wedges for a stupidly long time. I just couldn't commit. I even purchased and had to return. That's how ridiculous this search has been. My searching is over and for $15!

Happy shoe shopping lovies :)

ps. Free shipping code = FREESHIP

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