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March 12, 2013

Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes!?

So maybe it's the winter blues continuing on but I'm thinking- I need a change.

About 6 months ago I was feeling the same thing. So I got crazy and started dying my hair RED.

Prior to this red explosion - I had only done some highlights when I was in high school/college. So this was a big big change. And to go from my dirty blonde to red was also a lil bit of a leap. But I've kept it going and love it.

Don't get me wrong- I hate buying a box of hair color once a month but overall I think it was worth it.

So what's next?


Nothing major/crazy. No sleeves. But I've been seeing some fun placements on (what else) pinterest...

I'd looove to get Lucia's name on my ribs. I know ribs are the worst- I know it's going to hurt like something FIERCE. But, there isn't too many other places I want to display permanent art (for now). Plus major bonus- no stretching! I think I was a rocker in my past life.

Living Working in the corporate world, ink is frowned upon (so sad- get with the 21st century offices!). This will also be a big push to get bikini fabulous so I can some day show it off. Come on Jillian Michaels- you and I are going to be friends.



  1. Draw a fake tattoo there first, then see if it annoys you after awhile. Trust me, you want to be SURE you love it.

    1. Now I'm curious - what tattoo are you regretting??

  2. I think any tattoo that gives you special meaning is okay but putting it where it can be covered from judgement is best. BUT remember if you get one childs name and not the others down the road..well they will feel

    1. I figured by the time #2 kid comes around I can say - the first one hurt too much. Or add to the 1st tattoo?