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February 6, 2013

Wishing on a Blizzard...

I know you probably are thinking I'm talking Dairy Queen- which I wouldn't say no to- but I'm talkin snow!

I've always been an all or nothin type of gal. And frankly this lil itty bitty snow stuff we've been having is for the birds. I feel like it's time for winter to bring it on- are you in or out?

I'm feeling like either there should be a full on blizzard or spring in the next few weeks.

Blizzard Plans:
  • Comfy pjs
  • Hot Coco by the gallons ... maybe with a lil bailey's added?
  • Catching up on movies
  • Snuggling

Spring Plans:
  • Clear out the winter wardrobe and stash away until next year
  • Bust out some fun bright colors
  • Go eat some deeelish Mexican food with a margarita
  • Get a new spring hair cut!

What are you thinking?

Spring or Blizzard or...bust? :)

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