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February 18, 2013

We did it! We did it! We did it! Hooray!

We came. We Dora'd. We conquered.
I'm pretty sure that's how that phrase goes...

Wow did we have a DORA party!

There were Dora cupcakes, Dora balloons, Dora decorations and of course a 2 year old full clad in DORA :)

The biggest hit no question were some "punch" balloons - those things were a hit - no pun intended.

This was the first party we've had where we had mobile kiddos. Last year we were pretty nervous Luci was going to fall over. This year she was running around and playing with all her friends.

I think we have enough bbq pulled pork to last us for the rest of the week. It was - as Dora would say: yum yum yum delicioso!

But wow does one party take it out of you! I thought a good nights sleep would cover all the aches of the 4+ trips back and forth from our apartment to the club house with large bags but it's looking like maybe 2-3 nights and maybe I'll have recovered.

I've decided I need to work for a bank so I can get Presidents Day to get myself back to normal.

Overall- we had a fantastic day filled with fun memories of time spent with our closest friends and family.

Maybe in a week or two I'll get excited for next year ;)

How was your weekend? Are you planning any fun and crazy parties lately??

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