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February 25, 2013

New Title: Microwave OWNERS!

Yesterday- we purchased a MICROWAVE!

I know this doesn't SEEM earth shattering news... But for us, this microwave was the first purchase for our future home.

We still don't have an official offer from the bank on this crazy short sale. BUT we will know in 3 weeks- at least that's what their broker told us. Plus we just are realizing- we will own a house soon. It is going to happen. And when we do - we will now have a microwave!

The purchase hit us from no where. We were going to Best Buy for my sister in law -not for us! I have a thing for appliances so I took a stroll around the store and in my strolling found about 8 microwaves in a big cube in the middle with a massive 50% off sign.
This hot lil number is now ours!

I work in marketing. This makes me skeptical of any large % off. I'm of course thinking- oh well, this big 50% off is probably off of the original price so that the price I'm seeing: $140 is the price I'd be paying. No extra 50% off.


The original price was less than half off so the butterflies started fluttering when I thought...could this be!?! And it was! We purchase a stainless steel Samsung 1.6 cu whatever that means- microwave for $70!

If you aren't polished up on your microwave prices, I've been scanning craigslist- like a Stainless Steel Stalker- and have found the cheapest prices to be around $100-$200. And those are used, and usually a hefty drive to go pick them up.

We added the protection plan and BAM- we were proud microwave owners.

#1 Feeling: Old. Who gets excited for appliances? We do now! :)

Any fun big purchases lately in your world??


  1. Wow, that's ridiculous! Especially from a big box store like Best Buy. I love those hot buys!

  2. Right!? :) We just couldn't pass it up. Thankfully it was something that could fit into our Prius. God help us when we find a fridge :)