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February 28, 2013

Lent Update: Sweets will be the death of me...

So I've been keeping away (for the most part) from sweets for the past 2 weeks. It FEELS like it's been months. But no... just 2 little weeks.

I've realized that this is completely a mental thing. My body craves sugar like a BOSS. I literally dream about chocolate chip cookies. To say I had a problem I think is an understatement.

I think the hardest part is ice cream. There is nothing like 2 scoops while watching tv. I mean am I right?
I keep seeing THIS pin -- so wrong!

This week Illinois and really several middle/northern states were hit hard with a winter storm. I was thinking wow how fantastic I could make chocolate chip cookies with Lucia. Umm wrong. I can ...cut some fruit for Luci and I to share.

But news flash- I can still have fun with Luci by doing something that won't result in me eating 1/2 a bowl of cookie dough + 3-5 chocolate chip cookies. Right?

Here's hoping the weight starts to fall off and I can realize that this was for the best... ooooh hoping!

They (whoever "they" are) say it takes 3 weeks to start (or in my case END) a habit. So that is a lot of pressure on next week!

How are you doing with Lent?

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