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February 14, 2013

HOT Valentine's Day...

And by hot... I mean CALIENTE!
Happy Valentine's Day people!

I not a big fan of marketing holidays from Hallmark. Or ending two sentences in a row with an exclamation mark but.. it had to be done. If Valentine's gets me flowers... then I guess I'm a fan.

I got the hubs this:

He's Mexican so he looooves hot sauce. This present was a HIT! And trust me when I say I'm zero for... probably 20. Who knew $2 at Target could have found me thee best present I've given him so far.

Lucia was very excited that we were obtaining yet MORE ketchup- she lovingly calls it Sheshup. We have it in bulk because like her Mom- she tries to put ketchup on almost every meal. Luis put it on the tallest self away from her because while she likes spicy- we don't want to test how spicy she can take it. Her being 2 and all.

Hey all you singles- don't think you can't get in on the Love Celebration. Make this a love yourself day! Do something for YOU today. My "me" moment was in the form of a grande mocha :)

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