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February 21, 2013

Hair cuts... aka my worst nightmare

I hate getting my hair cut.

I'm THAT girl that has to sit in the chair and whisper a number over 6 months when the lady asks how long it's been since my last cut. For some reason it just never looks right, and it's different and well... I hate change.

My pre-hair cut look

The best part is because I work and live/love  in/on marketing - I hate being marketed to. This is usually because they are bad at it and I'm not sure if there is anything worse in life than bad marketing. I know I'm not the only one. How many times do you groan after a super bad commercial??

So on Saturday I had an hour to myself- no baby- no hubby. I literally drove as fast as possible (within the speed limit...mostly) to the nearest salon.

Source: via Indigo on Pinterest

The lady was weird and when she wasn't telling me about the latest products I should be using on my hair or convincing me to bring my 2 year old to get her hair cut with her, she was engaging in pretty strange conversations with too many details about her personal life. Super fun.

Pre Hair cut- disregard the Fabio chest shot

Needless to say- I'm a week in and it's getting better but... it's no Rachel hair cut!
So to do a 180, I ran from my hair appointment to Kids Snips to meet the hubs + Luci to get her hair cut. Talk about a completely different experience...

Luci was sitting- LIKE AN ANGEL- with sucker in hand and watching a Dora movie. My kid is averagely shy- but pretty nervous when someone new is around- add new lady using scissors and I was prepared for a freak out. But she did great! Luci would every once in a while look at the lady cutting away like she was her best friend. I couldn't believe it! I totally think it was the suckers...

At one point a lil boy went into absolute hysterics right next to Luci. She gave him this look like... buddy, they give you SUCKERS- you need to keep the noise down, I can't hear Dora!

And trust me when I say- this was a job for a professional. My lil baby went in looking like one of the Beatles - came out looking like a little princess :)

I'm thinking of getting my hair cut there next time... maybe not but I mean at least I would get candy...

Any fun crazy kid hair cutting experiences for you lately??

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