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February 22, 2013

Friday Random Rumblings...

Yay for Friday! Let's get to it...

- I literally had a list as long as my arm of things to do today. Given last week was insanity- both personally busy with Luci loooo's 2nd bday, family at our house constantly (in a good way- LOOOVE me family but there's something about walking around without pants you tend to miss). Work was absolute chaos when I was asked to cover for someone who left no notes and little direction on where she left off.. super fun. So today has turned into more of a ... me day! And I'm perfectly fine with that. Bonus points will be given if I mop the bathroom floors... this is making me realize more how much I could give a flying hoot about bonus points.

- COLOR RUN! In an act of crazy a month ago, I called out my husband on facebook - and his bro buddy to come run this 5k with me. Shockingly- I got him to agree! Then I realized I would have to pay for 2 registrations ... about $80. No big deal because it was worth it to get him to do something active with me. Then God gave me a GROUPON for 1/2 off... umm Thanks God! :) So we're rockin that 5k in Chicago this summer and it's not destroying my budget. BOOM! Shockingly- I've gotten into a lil bit of a rut with my running. I run about 4 miles twice a week. But I've grown to really hate it. So I'm hoping this run keeps me focused.

- Started reading- yes reading this week. All of my family will have gasped at this as I constantly joke that I'm illiterate...even though I do have a bachelors degree. I've decided I am going to start going to college (again) for my Masters Degree by the time I'm 30. I refuse to date myself so let's just say that I've got a couple years. With realizing that my personal deadline is in my future, I need to start reading again so when I start my classes it's not like the equivalent reaction of a Polar Bear Swim.

- This weekend there is nothing planned and I couldn't be more excited! We're hoping to go over to the In Laws at some point and hopefully invade their always stocked mexican bakery container :) Conchanitas here I come!

- Lately I've been realizing that I'm no city girl. I grew up in a small small town in Michigan where I constantly was trying to get out to live in a big city. With friends of mine going on a weekend trip in a few weeks to New York (I'm not going with them- I'm just hearing about it....constantly- but it beats hearing about somewhere warm!) I realize that my goal in life is to visit places that are beautiful. Not that the Big Apple isn't beautiful but it's touristy and loud. Been there done that- now let's plan a trip to Hawaii or Napa :)

- Speaking of warm places. I'm currently loathing winter even though it has been a very mild one. We just received 4 inches of thick snow last night... while the Today Show decided to broadcast from Miami. They did not receive very much of my attention as I was too angry at seeing smiling faces in short sleeves. Seriously- rude!

Happy Friday friends :)

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