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February 1, 2013

Friday Random Rumblings

What a WEEK! But a fun one... abeit cold... so stupidly cold.

Chicagoland is experiencing windchills of NEGATIVE 22 degrees. Which means.. I don't leave my house.

But on to some random rumblings...

- I've recently discovered that I am the Go To Girl in my group of friends for anything cheap and budgeting advice. Just today I received: Where do you buy kid clothes? This is a proud moment for me. Lord knows I prefer learning the hard way- I am ecstatic to help anyone veer away from any mistakes I've encountered. Oh and the answer: Check Goodwill (kid clothing bins are $1.50/piece AND most have tags still on it- usually from Target), speaking of: Target clearance racks and ebay. A majority of the big items Luci wears: coats/boots - even swimwear as long as it's new with the tag on are all from Ebay.

- I would love to read more. I read now but it's more like for news updates or specifics for my job. I think reading for fun is an entirely different concept and one I'm working at wrapping my noggin around. I have friends who have goals of reading 50 books/year. I could probably read 50 kids books a year but... I don't want to push it :) Thinking of maybe ... 5 big kids book? We'll see!

- Lucia is turning into a lil lady. She's getting full sentences on LOCK down. Yesterday, she let me know that "Da Monkey, He is sleeping". Friggen hilarious. Lil background story- when we are sick of watching Dora for the 50th time, we'll tell Lucia that Dora is sleeping. Her Aunt Ra Ra is sometimes sleeping too, when she's not over. Lucia has informed others that she can't watch Dora because she's sleeping. Will Luci need therapy for this someday? Probably. Is it the funniest thing I've done this week? Absolutely!

- These freezing cold temps have been wondering where spring is. Oddly enough, we've only really had about 3 full weeks of "winter" and I'm out.

- We are STILL waiting to hear back from El Banco for our house. I have one amazing husband who keeps me grounded. We were about to go see a different house- but had a last minute cancellation from the sellers. Luis promptly said- this house is not for us. We asked God to put road blocks up- and that's a road block! He's so smart... :) And to think I was about to go ballistic... guess that drama party will have to wait.

- In my dreaming of said future home, we are guaranteed to need to totally redo the kitchen. I'm in between the following...

This one is so far my favorite....

Lastly, I'm gathering pictures to put together a photo album for Luci. It's going to be adorbs and I can't wait to share :)


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