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February 4, 2013

Cold Monday!

Mondays are bad enough that they start out the week.

Add Post Superbowl - eatting horribly while watching the most expensive commercials - sooo good at the time but if you are anything like me- you are starting to count the calories and that is not a number I'm proud of.

Add in snow- like a LOT of snow. Like a large enough amount that it took an extra 30 min. to get to work. Gross.

Add in general.

All of that equals to comfy clothes. I'm fortunate enough to work for a corporate office who allows casual wear. So leggings it is! I've deemed leggings the corporate appropriate pj.

I recently got this cute lil top from my Mom in Law for my bday (but in dark grey/white)...

Made for the perfect - most importantly comfortable - combo. 

Now off to find some hot coco...

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