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February 20, 2013

Catching the BB WAVE...

Okay so I've heard of BB creams for the past year or so but always thought it was just a phase and didn't really "get" what the big fuss was.

THEN came CC creams. I mean really?

I'm in marketing so this just FELT like a ploy. I mean why not wait around until ZZ creams hit and then that'll be the end all be all.

But then... my best friend's sister posted about it. She's young and fashionable but the key word: young. I normally- no offense- wouldn't really take her advice to make one of the biggest changes of my life. Seriously, foundation might be the scariest thing in your life to change. If you have a bad experience- your entire face could break out in less than an hour. Or not enough coverage and you look like a teenager. So needless to say- I'm a lil concerned when it comes to change. UNTIL I saw she said: "it's like they combined lotion with foundation- it's fantastic!"

Clearly all the ads I've seen on BB creams were horrible because that is hands down thee best description I've heard of this stuff. So I was intrigued...

I went with Rimmel because I'm slightly obsessed with Zoey Deschanel (face of Rimmel)...

and currently ONLY use Rimmel for a majority of my nail polishes and my eye liner. Seriously- I've gotten compliments on my eye liner more than I can count so that is never changing...ever. :) Plus at $5.99 I enjoyed the idea of trying something that wouldn't break the bank.

Currently I use Bare Minerals. While I've always had great coverage but I know it's not that great for my skin. Plus holy MACKEREL is that stuff pricey!

Enter BB!

Now full disclosure: I've been working with this stuff for about a week and a half and I'm sold! Especially in the winter- I have such dry skin. So this lotion-y texture helps clear up any extra dry issues. Coverage is OK but for $5.99 I can definitely deal.

I will say- I use a lil bit of a bronzer (JUST A LIL BIT- I like to not appear translucent) and some blush to reduce the shine it leaves. Overall- I'm super impressed. And this is the first time I've ever experienced something that should be clogging my pores- but isn't! How nice of them!

While I wish this was a sponsored ad- I promise you this is just me telling you about what I've tried and learned this week in regards to YA FACE!

And more than anything always realize...  :)


  1. And here I thought it was for actually cleaning BBs. I was wondering why someone would need clean BBs but ...

    THis is also why I stopped wearing makeup and went natural. Too confusing.

  2. Hahahaha OH Bob! :)

    Tell your wife- if she has dry skin! :)