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January 25, 2013

New Life Outlook - Watch Out!

So abnormal amount of posting this week, right?

I know I've been on a hiatus and I've just rocked your faces off with doing 4 posts in a row. You might be wondering- what gives?

I've done a few posts in the past where I mentioned I would be posting more or less or average bla bla bla- so I'm not doing that this time. Because after the last posting where I said "I'm going to be posting daily" - I was hit with some really hard times in my life. When you are going through BAD times- you really don't want post anything because in your head-everything is pretty stupid. Every post I would try to write would either depressing or untrue. So to bypass both of those wonderful options- I just didn't post.

Things are different now in the best way! I've been realizing that I really have no control over my life- God has it all. So who am I to worry about when the bank is going to sign on our house? Or if I get a new job? Or if we decide to start trying to expand our family?

While it FEELS like I should have complete control over all of those things- it's not up to me at all. And that is such a relief! I'm a control freak so giving some of this burden up is a wonderful breath of fresh air.

BTW- *spoiler alert* I have the hottest, most loving husband in the world... sooo there's that too :) He really is not only wonderful and helpful but my best friend and I can't believe I get to spend every day being his wife. Okay ... enough of the corny.

So all of this to say- sorry I was gone for a long long long time. I'm back. I'm pretty sure I'm back. But one thing is for certain- I don't sugar coat things and I'm the worst at keeping secrets. So here's hoping to THEE best year of my life! :)

What are you doing to change things up in your life? Any New Years Resolutions you are still keeping or trying to keep??

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