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January 8, 2013

House Hunting Kryptonite

We have been up to our eye balls in HOUSE HUNTING for the past ... well about 4 years.

But we've been seriously searching for about 2 years- and putting down offers for the past 6 months. So to say we are sick of this game- is an understatement.

No HGTV special here- we are super over this. We recalled the days when we'd get excited over submitting an offer. We now yawn and wait until we hear someone else swooped in.

But in all of this searching - I've learned some things about myself. I am really good at seeing the potential in a place. I can see pink walls and picture a shade of navy blue from Benjamin Moore instead. Hideous wallpaper has nothing on me! Except for 1 major weakness - my kryptonite is when other people's crap is still in the house.

I know- I said crap- but seriously, if you are no longer living in the house- take your crap with you! One house had a Christmas tree up- I couldn't think of anything but that Christmas tree. As if I would have to keep a Christmas tree up all year round almost in mourning of the last owner's wishes. As if the house would spit us out if we didn't keep certain things a certain way.

Fortunately, I've got a good husband who can see around these things- mostly. He's no good with pink walls, but removing a wall in a room with a TV + entertainment center, no problem! I think we are a pretty good match :)

Friendly reminder to all house sellers- leave a blank canvas. I promise it will be so much easier for a house hunter (like myself) to imagine changing your house into MY house!

Aaaah sigh- that's my rant for today :)

Any fun house hunting stories?? What's the weirdest thing you've seen when trying to find a new space?

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