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January 18, 2013

Friday Rumblings

Hey why not another addition of Friday Rumblings to get your weekend in gear? :)

- House Update: we've gotten the sellers to sign now the hardest part awaits: waiting on the Bank. Short sales are THE WORST! But we know God has our best in mind so complaining seems illy when you know you are working within HIS will.

- Oddly enough the Caribou Coffee I write this post from is neighbors with a Denny's... that has an owl on it's roof. I feel like it's staring into my soul. Don't worry- I googled it and owls mean wisdom and protection soooo there's that.

- My newest goal in life is to one day have a cleaning service come to my house twice a month. That's all I need. Just every other week and I think that would help me stay just that much more sane. I can do MOST things: awesome Mom (most of the time and YES this is self proclaimed only), budgeter extraordinaire,  full time worker for a major corporation, grocery purchaser, kitchen is cleaned DAILY because of this lady, dear friend, sibling, wife and daughter - but the DEEP clean that my house requires... I just don't want to can't really make that happen. Ahhh some day.

- I've come to realize meeting with my best friend every other week or so for java makes me realize so many things. Most of all- I am only 1 person. That long list above sometimes seems really small sometimes. But talking with someone who is at the same stage in her life- baby girl and all- makes me truly cherish doing life with her by my side. I never really realized what I was missing - but now that I have this friendship and I'm NEVER going back! Hope she's okay with that, ha :)

- Everyone needs pretty things - Charming Charlies is having a massive clearance sale (BOGO 50% off) GET ON THAT! :) I found myself wondering if there was anything in the store without a pretty red tag? 

So how about you? Seen any owls lately? Are your life goals a cleaning service too?

Have a WONDERFUL weekend you beautiful people :)


  1. SOOOOO Work for the cleaning service goal. It has made our lives outstandingly simpler and let's us pretty much spend all of our free time (what little there is) with the kids instead of cleaning the whole house.

  2. See... I KNEW that was a good life goal :) You convinced me! Now to find some wiggle room in the budget... :)