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January 22, 2013

Flu is a four letter word

It all happened Wednesday. I should have seen it coming but I thought we were the healthy family that wouldn't get sick.

I was wrong.

I got the dreaded update from our Daycare lady: "Lucia was really sniffly and kept waking up during her nap". I should have just turned on my heel and BEE lined for Walgreens to stock up on everything I've ever seen that mentions flu or cold.

Wednesday night...Thursday night... Friday night were all miserable - Luci was up every 2 hours (if we were lucky). Finally Saturday night she slept. But by then I'd started in with the sneezing and sore throat. We had a mommy daughter play date on Sunday aka no church ... no coffee... not even going to the mall to walk around- it was my worst nightmare come true.

FORTUNATELY- today's Tuesday. Lucia is almost completely back - minus a lil sniffle/cough/disgusting sneeze. I've had zero voice for 2 days- but think today's the day it ends for me.

On the fun non flu flip side...

- I've decided I really like the Illumineers - I mean who doesn't at this point? But I never thought I'd turn a happy ear towards folkish music but I have. And I'm not going back.

- I am craving anything super unhealthy or covered in chocolate...or both combined. I've made the following requests for my birthday weekend: sushi, cheeseburger and cheesecake. Should be interesting. And no don't start the preggo rumors. No bun in the oven here - I'm just awkwardly big fan of food.

- Negative 2 degrees outside is just ridiculous. Thanking my lucky stars I no longer operate a drive thru window (while it was Starbucks...there's just no way to make a drive thru sound classy).

- Sounding like a road trip to Indianapolis is in my near future - know of any fun things to check out??

- Who is ready for spring? THIS GIRL!

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