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January 23, 2013

Cupcakes, Cookies and Burgers ...Now Please?

I'm not sure WHAT is in me lately but all I have on my mind are sweets more sweets and maybe a burger and fries to balance it all out.

I've been working out and eating healthy- so I'm not sure why my body is trying to sabbotage it all? But it's in full force. So if I have to suffer... so do you...


If you haven't heard of a juicy lucy- then you have obviously not been in MY dreams because it sounds wonderful!


So don't think I could leave out cookies, oreo poke cakes, red velvet anything or that gorgeous looking peanut butter pie that is of course calling my name.

Here's to 4 more miles and maybe I'll hunt down 1 worthwhile cupcake to even it all out?

Or if you need more salivating all over your keyboard go here!

Happy Wednesday! Half way to Friday!!

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