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January 12, 2013

Christmas/Baby Project Time!

So for one of Lucia's Christmas presents I put one of these bad boys together...

Inspired from this pin....

If you have an upcoming 1st Birthday party- it's an inexpensive and personalized project.

Here are the ingredients:
1 Canvas
2 acrylic paints (I like acrylic best- they dry fast and can be wiped off of other surfaces if you have a spill)
1 set of Alphabet stickers
A set of brushes/sponges if you dont have any laying around
Mod Podge
The cutest picture you can find of spotlighted baby
Strong glue- I chose gorilla glue

Most of this stuff I had a round the house but I did take 1 trip to Hobby Lobby (don't forget your 40% off coupon to save some coin!) to pick up 2 bottles of acrylic paints. I'm pretty cheap so I went for smaller bottles that were I believe $1/bottle.

Step one: gather products and paint the entire canvas the color you would like most of your letters to be. I laid down 1 layer of light pink acrylic paint. Let that layer dry.

Step two: Add stickers. My handwriting is not cute- whatsoever. I put stickers down for everything- and then later went back through with a sharpie (important note- all sharpie activity needs to happen POST Mod Podging - if that's a thing...poding? - or it will smear).

Step three: Paint your main color over the stickers. For Luci's I choose a nice beige. Let that layer dry.

Step four- caaaarefully pull those stickers up. I used tweezers- seriously it really helps. Because I used two different types of fonts- there was some overlapping. I went back through with toothpicks, qtips (so many uses!) and thin paint brushes to just touch up some edges.

Step five- glue down the baby picture. With the version for my friend I used the picture from their baby announcement. I figured they liked that picture enough to send it to all of their friends and family- it's a good bet that it is one of their favs. Make sure the edges are secured doooown.

Step six- Mod PODGE IT! Slab that stuff right on there and let it dry. If you want to go back through with sharpie to change some colors- do this now.

Time consuming? Yes, but definitely fun - and so far I have rave reviews on the 2 I've done :)


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