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January 2, 2013

Christmas Present Round UP!

I used to play a game when I was younger to try to encorporate ALL of my Christmas presents into 1 story.

Soooo it used to be:

I am going to be wearing my new MAKE UP, with my new JAMMIES, while watching SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, in my SLIPPERS and sipping HOT COCO. 

Maybe I should have mentioned - the items in all CAPS were my presents. That or you just thought I was randomly yelling.

Sooo this year:

I am sipping coffee from my FRENCH PRESS with coffee beans from my STARBUCKS GIFT CARD, in my new SLIPPERS (man do I love me some slippers!), wrapped up in my SNUGGIE, while crafting some fantastic DIY project with my MICHAELS GIFT CARD.

All the gift cards doesn't have the best ring to it- but it still works! :) Let's be honest- the best gift was watching my almost 2 year old rip open her presents. There is nothing like seeing that JOY on a child's face when they get new things. I felt like wrapping up old toys and clothes she's been wearing for months- just to keep seeing her get so excited!

Speaking of kiddo- she made out like a BANDIT! She has crayons up the ying yang, a new Dora table and chairs- to color on, new stuffed animals, and her bath tub is so filled with bath time toys- you almost can't find her. OH and a Princess Castle- no big deal or anything. That lil lady is blessed - and we are even more so to have her in our lives!

Best Christmas moment was when watching The Polar Express- and Santa comes out for the first time. Lucia saw Santa and started screaming "SANTA! SANTA! SANTA!" Maybe it was the moment, but it was just adorable.

What is your Christmas Round UP??

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