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January 16, 2013

Birthday Time!

Wow have we been BUSY lately! SO busy that it wasn't until I was writing out: 1/15/13 that I realized it was 1 month until Luci turns 2! Needless to say, there was a mini breakdown then intense organization to get her party planned. The faster I planned it, the more it looked like I didn't let ANYthing slip through the cracks :)

So here we are- planning away... At least here's the invite:

Super cute right? :)

Last year we did a big BIG 1 year birthday party. We had 30+ people in attendance, we had party favors, decorations EVERYWHERE, massive birthday cake, alcoholic beverages for the adults, personalized banner, cute lil scrapbook page with a picture of her so people could sign- and lots and LOTS of homemade food. Yes homemade. Because?? I thought we would get a star for the day?

This year I'm smarter... I hope. We are catering! For the most part... pulled pork bbq sandwiches? I mean.. who doesn't love those. We can do fruit skewers- b/c you KNOW I love myself a good skewer. Chips, dip, potato salad and we're good to go. Not to mention, so much less people. Like 20 total. Small, simple, family and close friends. And hopefully- a much less stressful situation than last year. Hoping!

How about you? Any fun superbowl parties coming up?? What are you planning?

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