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December 14, 2012

Friday Random Rumblings...

Well it's been a LONG while since I've done one of these and I'm sitting at starbucks which always makes me feel super artsy... just a feeling- not REALLY actually artsy or anything official :)

SO here we go!

- Lucia is 22 months which means she is discovering EVERYTHING all the time. She LOVES to mimic exactly what we say. She is in love with coloring, Dora and of course: puppies

- We are again house hunting. We can't get enough! Fortunately, the last house we put an offer on fell through because of massive foundation cracks (as in so massive it could have been a mini shelf). While I do believe this borders on masochistic, we are excited to be going to look at a house for the 2nd time on Saturday. If we are still in love we will put an offer down! Soo exciting! Bring on googling: wallpaper removal x 1000!

- Hoping that 2013 brings many new things- maybe new career adventures and maybe a new house! And if nothing else - every day is a new adventure with a toddler :)

- CRAZY for bauble necklaces- I think I've officially decided on a color:


- Happy Christmas shopping everyone! I hope for short lines and SALES!

And as always...
Thanks for stoppin by!

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