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September 12, 2012

Running, but further...

So I've been running since I was in college, and the only way I can maintain my 3rd year anniversary of telling people I'm turning "26" is to not tell you how long that timing actually is.

I started running in college only so I wouldn't gain the "Freshman 15". It's been a love hate relationship ever since. We fight constantly. We went on a 9 month long break while I was preggo. There are usually tears involved, but in the end, we always end up back together. 

So for some reason, lately, I've wanted to run further.

I have always been a 1 to 2 mile runner- and that's it. Maaaybe I'll run a 2.5 mile if I'm running from a Bear or I want to feel like a hero. The first 5k I ever ran, I ran my best time of 31.3 minutes - and then didn't run for an entire month. 

I still have no idea why I am running more but People- I ran 4 miles last week. And I did it again yesterday.

I'm not sure what has gotten into me, but... I'm alright with it. And my body hasn't quit me... yet. 

One huge motivator for me- headphones. Two pairs of headphones broke a month ago and I told myself I could run without music. I was wrong. So horribly wrong. Now that music is back into my runs- I am okay with 4 miles.

My ultimate goal is 5. But that's it. And I'm serious- you will NOT see me run a 1/2 marathon or marathon..ever. That's just for crazy people.

How about you? Do you run? Sometimes? Every day? Once a week? :)

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