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September 9, 2012

Oh what a night!

Last night was amazing.

One of my closest friends married the man of her dreams. It was cute and perfect and Catholic.

Before this wedding I thought most weddings were created equal- give or take how great the cake is and judging the DJing. I was wrong.

I was a reader in the wedding, with people responding to me and everything. Thank the LORD I went to dress rehearsal or that would have been pretty awkward.

For the record- I grew up in the church. My dad is a pastor. But Free Methodist (a lot like Nazarene or Wesleyan). I'm now Non Denom. So my background with Catholic weddings is minimal to none. This weekend was straight up educational.

A good friend of mine said there should be "Catholics for Dummies" in the pews- I could not agree more. There was sitting, standing, singing, reciting, kneeling. I was not prepared and probably looked like a confused squirrel most of the ceremony. But we made it through!

The end result: I witnessed one beautiful bride become a beautiful Mrs!

What a weekend- busy busy busy with roller coaster of emotions happening on a constant basis.

What is it about watching beautiful moments that gets you to start dreaming again ... no question my soul is full. Maybe confused. Maybe a bit of a hot mess- but full.

This ride home has definitely one to dream. So far in the 2 hours I've been driving I've already considered moving my entire family to 2 different locations both on opposite ends of the country + considering starting my own business... :)

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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