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September 21, 2012

Friday Random Rumblings

Ahhh it's FRIDAY!

And a rainy cold one at that, but I'm excited for a good cold rainy day. I'm one of those people who goes and goes and goes until she collapses. Not healthy by any means. In a weird way I welcome days where I'm forced to go at a slower pace. And today is one of those days. Sick days aren't all bad either- but who likes being sick?

Here are my weekly learnings...

- We learned this week that we have to give a 2 MONTH notice to our apartment complex or they charge us a LOT of money. We are just slightly under the 2 month mark, but we decided to take a mini leap of faith and put in our notice. Now where to live? I'm ready for change- so this is exciting while also semi frightening...

- Wow is this week OVER yet? Feels like it went on
forever. I think I need a vacation...or two?

- Lucia is really into saying almost sentences. Example: when Luis leaves for school she'll say "Where he go?" I usually feel like saying: you are too small to know such official sounding sentences :)

- Comfort food makes everything better. Until you have to workout :/ Until then bring on the grilled cheese + tomato soup!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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